Quartet for baritone saxophone, electric guitar, piano and percussion, performed by Ensemble Nikel (Patrick Stadler, Yaron Deutsch, Rei Nakamura and Brian Archinal) at Harvard University.

John French, in his Art of Distillation (1651), describes one recipe for plague water like this:

Take three pints of muscadine and boil in it sage and rue, of each a handful, until a pint be wasted. Then strain it and set it over the fire again. Put thereto a dram of long pepper, ginger, and nutmeg, of each half an ounce, being all bruised together. Then boil them a little and put thereto half an ounce of andromachus-treakle, and three drams of mithridate, and a quarter of a pint of the best angelica water.

This water (which, as says the author, must be kept as your life, and above all earthly treasure) must be taken to the quantity of a spoonful or two morning and evening, if you be already infected, and sweat thereupon. If you be not infected, a spoonful is sufficient, half in the morning and half at night. All the plague time under God (says the author) trust to this, for there was never man, woman, or child that failed of their expectation in taking it. This is also of the same efficacy, not only against the plague, but pox, measles, surfeits, etc.

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